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Hello my friend. Nice to see you here at Pizzaiolo and you are in for a treat!

There´s nothing that hits your hunger spot quite like an authentic Italian Pizza. Our 12” hand-crafted, delicious crisp crusts are freshly made daily, exactly as they should be.

Topped with our original Pizzaiolo tomato sauce (it’s a family secret recipe), cheese that will melt your heart and classic Italian toppings we work hard to make our gourmet Pizza perfect in every way.

Do you know how we make our pizza?

Pull up a chair

Pizza Restaurant

Our cozy pizza restaurants hit the mark when it comes to honest casual dining.

Providing the perfect setting and ambience to enjoy classic Italian food, any day of the week.

A pizza is made for sharing, so gather your favourite people, sit back, relax and enjoy the feast. Let us make a fuss of you with our feel good food.
Pizzaiolo - Pizza Restaurant
Take me home with you!

Pizza Takeaway

You won’t get a hotter date for the night than our takeaways. Fresh, fast and free from the guilt of greasy fast food pizza takeaway.

Slide into our menu and slip out with a piece of cheesy heaven. Dining at home has never been more delicious.

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PizzaIolo Restaurant
Happiness in a box

Pizza Delivery

Don’t move a muscle!

We’ve got your pizza delivery covered. If you are looking to enjoy a slice of nice from the comfort of home, look no further than Pizzaiolo.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it buys pizza and that’s kinda’ the same thing.

PizzaIolo Delivery
Bite me!

More than just Pizza!

Our gourmet pizzas are pretty special, but there’s a whole lot more to discover. Handmade artisan pasta, crisp colourful salads and sweet, sweet desserts.

Take a break from the kitchen and enjoy real, honest Italian food.

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