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Freshly made. Instantly enjoyed

Authentic Handmade
Italian Pizza

A pizza is only as good as its ingredients and cooking method. Combining traditional Italian craftsmanship, freshly prepared ingredients, and a fiery hot, stone oven you are guaranteed to find true happiness in our handmade Italian pizza.

Italian Pizza
In crust we trust!

Authentic Italian Pizza Dough

Our classic crust is made following a classic Roman-style thin crust recipe.

Blending olive oil, a mix of 3 flours, just a touch of yeast, water and salt gives our authentic Italian pizza dough a light airy feel and crisp crunch.

We make our dough fresh each morning to guarantee it reaches your lips in tip-top form with the perfect bite.

If you are tired of soggy, greasy, heavy pizza base you ‘knead’ to give it a go!

For the love of true Italian Pizza, why would you choose anything else?

It’s salsa time!

Sauce to make you salivate

It’s all about the sauce!

Nothing says Italy like a fresh tomato salsa. Using top quality, crushed, juicy tomatoes, a sprinkling of Italian herbs and extra virgin olive oil, we create a rich saucy blanket to coat our Italian pizza base ready for topping.

Handmade Italian Pizza

No additives, no flavourings, no nasties. Just natural awesomeness

... and to top things off...

Italian inspired toppings

Whether you chose to build your own pizza or select from one of our house classics, one thing you can be sure of is the quality of our toppings. Showcasing mouthwatering Italian cheeses, traditional cured meats, seafood and a variety of freshly prepared veg, the flavour combinations are only limited by your imagination.

Handmade Italian Pizza

We have over 30 specialty toppings to choose from, allowing you to create a pizza that cannot be topped!

Handcrafted. Stone baked

Holy moly, it's getting hot in here!

Have you ever wondered why your pizza at home never cooks quite right? The secret is in the stone. Our dough deserves nothing but the best when it goes into bake. We maintain our ovens at a steady 350 degrees, so you never need worry about an undercooked base and an overcooked top.

Our pizza stone oven heats and holds temperature as well as drawing out any moisture to ensure that soggy bottoms are a thing of the past. Once your pizza hits the stone, the dough will puff up and crisp, while the oven takes care of delivering golden, melted cheese. With these techniques, our pizzas are cooked and ready to eat in just 3.5 minutes!

A healthier choice

Pizza without the guilt

Pizza doesn’t have to be a gut busting blow out. Our handmade pizza is a lighter, healthier alternative to anything you will find in a fast-food chains.

Less oil
Less fat
Less carbohydrates
Less calories
100% more flavour

Feel good food

Artisanal Fresh Pasta

There’s something about a steaming hot bowl of pasta that makes the heart sing! It’s an extra special treat when the pasta is freshly made and rolled, ready to be dressed with delicious ingredients. Choose from our fresh tagliatelle, spaghetti or penne pastas and match with your feel-good sauce.

From a traditional Italian Ragu to a spicy seafood sensation, there is nothing more satisfying than a hearty serving of perfect fresh pasta.